In order to provide the most complete solution to the organization’s software development needs, DevManage offers a comprehensive and integrated array of consulting services.

DevManage's major consulting services include:

  • From Assessment to Change
    Using a pragmatic and systematic approach to leading a positive and lasting change that improves development outcomes.  Starting with a comprehensive assessment, continuing with 20-80 effective solutions setup, concluded with proactive implementation.

  • Managerial Consulting and Coaching
    Through coaching and consulting sessions, while discussing real day-to-day scenarios from the software development world, managers learn to triumph over their challenges and acquire the confidence to succeed through future predicaments as well.

  • Lifecycle and Project Management
    Definition and implementation of practical methods and best practices for all lifecycle and project management aspects, taking into consideration the unique challenges and culture of the organization.

  • Agile Adoption
    A practical approach to Agile adoption, presenting the Agile Adoption Framework in three phases: Initiation, Setup and Implementation. Based on the People-Methods-Technology model the framework includes all required activities required to achieve a successful Agile adoption.

  • Software Development Technology & Tools
    Selection, optimization and adoption of cost-effective technology and tools that accelerate software development productivity.  Covering project management, software configuration management, requirement management, design, bug and issue tracking, testing, integrated development environment and more.

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